Kent County Parks
Kent County Parks

Discover! Nature Event

at Millennium Park

Discover! Millennium Park at the Hansen Nature Trail 2022

The annual "Discover!" event will take place on the third Saturday in May. 
 This event is for all adventure lovers who want to learn more about:
  • The birds, mammals, fish, reptiles and amphibians than make the Hansen Nature Trail area their home
  • The trees, plants, and wildflowers along the trail
  • Unique habitats in the park
  • The history, lore, and geology of the area
                                                               Download the Discover! Trail guide here!

The "Discover!" Self-Guided Trail
 can take from 30 minutes to one hour to complete depending on how much time you spend at each nature station. Please arrive no later than 1:30 pm to have time to complete all of the hosted activities! The Hansen Nature Trail trail head is located at the corner of Butterworth Dr. SW and Riverbend Dr., east of the Millennium Recreation core, and can also be accessed from the purple loop of the Shoreline Trail. Click here for a map!
Note: The nearest restroom facilities are located in the Millennium Park Recreation Core-see map

We hope to see you there!