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Kent County Parks

Paul Henry Thornapple Trail

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The Paul Henry Thornapple Trail is a joint effort by multiple agencies and trail organizations. When complete, the trail will stretch 42 total miles through three counties.

Rather than having a single overall manager, segments of the trial are managed and developed independently, based on the jurisdictions through which it passes.

Kent County Parks manages nearly 9 miles, from Wing Ave and 60th St to 108th St, Kent County Parks and Kentwood Parks and Recreation manage nearly 10 miles of continuous paved trail, from Kalamazoo Ave and 44th to the Village of Caledonia.

To learn more about the overall vision for the trail and its status outside Kent County, be sure to visit the website of the Thornapple Trail Association, at thornappletrail.com.

On the map below, the completed section of the Thornapple Trail within Kent County is shown as a purple line like this:trailkey thornapple trail