Kent County Parks
Kent County Parks

Paved Trails within County Parks

Easy loops and networks to explore beginning at just ⅓ of a mile

ride in the parkIf you'd like to explore a particular park by foot, bike or rollerblade on a paved trail, you'll find several great options within our system of county parks.

The trails listed below are all paved multi-use, non-motorized trails, except as noted. Some crushed lime paths are also included, also as noted. All the trails below are closed to horses. If you're interested in paved linear paths that link communities, recreation areas and other attractions, please see our page on Regional Trails in Kent County.

Trails are grouped by easy routes of less than a mile and longer possible routes of a mile or more. At the bottom of this page, you'll find a map to the parks that are mentioned here.
Paved loops that are less than 1 mile
  • A paved loop of 1/3 of a mile surrounds the southern picnic and playground area, including open fields and a small wooded area.
  • Paved spur trails connect to a local neighborhood, to 68th Street and to the Fred Meijer M-6 Trail.
  • The main paved loop around the park's recreation area is about 2/3rds of a mile long.
  • A segment cutting across the park creates shorter loops of roughly 0.4 miles.
  • The route encircles scenic ponds, follows Mill Creek and is easily accessible from three parking lots.
  • Crushed lime path of nearly ½ mile, departing from and returning to the main parking area.
  • Passes through light woods and alongside a stream.
  • Closed to bike traffic.
  • A natural-surfaced hiking trail branches off and returns to the crushed lime trail, for a longer hike of 0.7 miles.
  • 5' wide paved nature trail makes a loop of 0.4 miles from the parking area on the main drive in the park, near the recreation area.
  • Includes mature forests and wetlands.
  • In the main recreation area off Maynard Ave, a 0.4 mile loop surrounds a scenic pond and includes two fishing/observation decks over the water. This loop is south of Parking lot A and east of Parking lot B, to your left as you enter the recreation area.
  • The Hansen Nature Trail at the northeast corner of Butterworth Dr and Riverbend is a crushed lime path exploring scenic ponds and wetlands. A 0.4 mile loop surrounds the main pond, with an observation deck. Adding a secondary loop through the woods results in a 0.6 mile trek.
Paved trails and routes that are 1 mile or longer
  • Formerly the "Scenic Drive" through the park's upland woods, this route has been closed to vehicle traffic for the safety of trail users. It now provides a peaceful, meandering multi-use trail of 1.6 miles, especially scenic during the fall color season.
  • Can be combined with other paved routes within the park for a loop of 2¼ miles, beginning and ending at either of the park's large parking lots.
  • The Buck Creek Trail provides a linear route running between 44th St and 52nd St along the western edge of the park, for a total distance of about 1.2 miles.
  • For a scenic loop of 2 miles, start at the parking lot on the main drive by the paved nature trail. Go north along the drive to where the Buck Creek Trail branches off on the left. Follow the trail south to the sidewalk on 52nd St. Turn east to follow the sidewalk along the south edge of the park, then follow the park drive back to the parking lot.
  • Millennium Park offers an expansive network of paved and crushed lime trails. Combined, these trails stretch more than 17 miles.
  • Because the trails are interconnected, many different loops of varying lengths are possible. The park map shows distances between all major trail intersections to help plan your journey.
  • Trail maps are also posted within the park at major intersections throughout the trail system.