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Natural Surfaced Trails within County Parks

hiking trailsWith our focus on natural resources, Kent County Parks offer many excellent places to hike and explore!

Most of the trails on this page are "natural surfaced," meaning they are not paved or otherwise hardened. They look a lot like what you see in the picture on the right. Unless otherwise noted, all are open to foot traffic only and are closed to bikes, horses and motorized vehicles. If you're interested in hard-surfaced multi-use trails in our parks, please see our page on Paved Trails.

To help make planning easier, trails are grouped into those that are about a mile or less and those that offer opportunities for longer hikes. At the bottom of this page, you'll also find a map to the parks that are mentioned here.
Trails and loops of about 1 mile or less
  • A 0.3 mile loop explores a small wooded area behind the picnic shelter.
  • Restrooms are available at the picnic shelter, at the entrance to the trail.
  • A 0.3 mile trail will take you through the woods between the developed area of the park and the open fields along the western edge of the park.
  • You can make it a loop of about 0.4 miles by following the park drive and access road by the shelterhouse.
  • A grassy mowed trail surrounds the meadows north of the soccer fields, for a loop of almost 0.4 miles. The trail follows a creek along one side.
  • To reach it, cross the drive at the playground beyond the shelterhouse, then head north through the field for about 0.1 miles.
  • From the trailhead parking lot adjacent to the church lot, a 0.15 mile connector trail brings you to a scenic loop through a hilly mature forest.
  • Total hiking distance out and back is 0.9 miles.
  • Long Lake Park has a variety of facilities surrounding the shores of Long Lake, including a swim beach, picnic areas, playgrounds and a boat launch. These are connected by scenic paths totaling about 0.8 miles.
  • About a third of the shoreline is private property so our trails do not make a loop around the lake.
  • A small interconnected network of natural surfaced trails explores woods and wetlands along the main drive.
  • The outermost loop is about 2/3rds of a mile, but several connecting branches and side loops allow you to wander various routes.
  • Several connecting loops and segments offer a variety of routes to explore. The park features mostly pine forests with some open sand barrens.
  • Follow the outermost loop for a hike of a little less than one mile. Shorter and longer hikes are possible using inner loops and branching routes.
  • The park includes a mostly undeveloped area north of 6 Mile Rd with mature pines and a hiking loop about 1 mile long.
  • A shorter hike is possible, following a connector trail that cuts across the loop about midway.
  • The trail can be accessed from the parking area on Ramsdell Dr north of 6 Mile Rd, or on 6 Mile Rd east of the main park entrance.
  • One route from the beach parking lot to the spring house is about ½ mile. This is wooded with nice views of the lake and forest edge, and passes by seasonal restrooms.
  • A second route from the end of the parking area west of the springhouse to the scenic overlook is about 0.2 miles.  This also includes lake views and even passes a small cave feature.
  • The two trails can be strung together for an enjoyable 1½ mile hike there and back or you can return to the campground area along a more direct route through the walk-in primitive camping area, for a change of scenery.
  • A 0.3 mile trail leads from parking at the park gate on Lincoln Lake Ave to a 0.6 mile loop in the back area of the park.  Out and back is about 1.2 miles.
  • A dense white pine stand surrounds the connector trail, leading to mixed woods and a creek around the loop.
Parks with Larger Networks of Natural-Surfaced Hiking Trails
  • Equestrian trails that are also open to hiking.
  • The large outer loop is about 2 miles long. Several interconnected, color-coded inner loops and segments provide a variety of other routes to explore. The trailhead is at 17 Mile Rd and Morgan Mills Ave.
  • These trails mainly pass through shady forests and pine stands.
  • This mostly flat park along the Grand River offers a network of trails that meander through lowlands and along the shore of the Grand River.
  • The longest route out and back from the trailhead off Coit is roughly 2.7 miles. Shorter hikes are possible using smaller loops and connectors.
  • A loop hike is possible around the park covering more than 2½ miles on varied surfaces. This route includes developed parkland, river shoreline, woods, fields, the covered bridge and upland forests.
  • Start by the shelterhouse and head past the office to find the trail leading through the woods and down toward the river. Follow this to the McPherson pedestrian bridge where you cross the river. Take the trail to the right until you come out on Covered Bridge Rd. Turn right to cross the river on the covered bridge then take the trail on the left. This trail eventually returns you to Covered Bridge Rd.  Cross and continue to Fallasburg Park Drive. Follow the grassy shoulder or go through park areas to return to the shelterhouse.
  • A central loop of about 1 mile winds through a scenic, hilly forest.
  • Total hiking distance out and back, including the loop, from the parking lot at Knapp Valley Forest Elementary School is about 1.4 miles.
  • If you go out and back from the trailhead at the end of McGuire Ct, total distance with the loop is roughly 2.4 miles.
  • Most of the trails at Luton Park are open to both mountain biking and hiking.
  • The main trail network includes six interconnected color-coded loops through wooded valleys, ranging from 0.9 to 2.7 miles.
  • At the south end of the park, a hiking only trail explores a scenic prairie restoration area and includes an observation platform.
  • Interconnected loops surround the lake and explore adjacent woods, wetlands, a larch swamp and small sand barrens. An 800 ft boardwalk over the lake provides access from the main parking area.
  • The main Lake Trail is 1.9 miles.
  • Various segments and loops can be combined with minimal backtracking for a total hiking distance of about 3 miles.
  • The park has a main trail loop of about 1.3 miles, following a mix of natural surfaced trail and two-track gravel roads. The loop features woods and wetlands, and follows the shore of the Rogue River for about a third of a mile.
  • You can access the loop from three different trailheads. Using the main trailhead for the White Pine State Trail off Belmont Ave. gives you a total hiking distance out and back of about 1.5 miles. The parking area off Belshire Ave. includes a playground and gives you a total hike of about 1.6 miles out and back. From the parking lot on Packer Dr, you'll have a total hike of about 1.8 miles.
  • This scenic natural area is popular for hiking and offers a variety of loops to explore.
  • Following the outer-most loop results in a hiking distance of about 4 miles.
  • Various smaller loops and shortcuts are also available, for hikes ranging from a quarter mile, to a mile or more.
  • Maps are posted at major trail junctions to help you choose your route.
  • Most of the natural surfaced trails at Wahlfield Park are open to mountain biking and hiking.
  • A large outer loop departs from and returns to the main parking area offering a 4.3 mile hike through woods and fields.
  • For a shorter hike, a crushed lime trail near the parking area offers a ½ mile route. This can be extended via a connecting natural surfaced trail for a total hike of 0.7 miles. These loops are closed to bikes except for a short overlapping section that crosses a creek and wetlands.