Kent County Parks
Kent County Parks

Cross Country Ski Trails

Several of our county parks offer scenic opportunities for skiing, with trails of varying difficulties. We only groom trails for skiing at Palmer Park and Millennium Park. Our park restrooms are unheated so they're closed between November 1 and April 30 to prevent pipes from freezing. At some parks, we open the gates and plow parking areas on weekdays but at others the gates are kept closed and lots are not maintained in the winter. Details on specific parks are below and you'll find a map to our best skiing parks at the bottom of this page.
Park MapPalmer Park/Kaufman Golf Course
Cross Country Skiing at Palmer/Kaufman is OPEN from 9am to 5pm! 
 In the winter, Palmer Park and Kaufman Golf Course switch gears to become one of the best cross-country skiing sites in the Grand Rapids area. Skiers will find three groomed loops of roughly two miles each, winding through wooded areas of the park and more open terrain in the golf course. The trails offer flatter areas and hills and valleys for a varied experience. All routes begin at the Kaufman clubhouse so use the golf course entrance, the Palmer Park Drive will be locked in the winter. The address for the golf course is 4807 Clyde Park Ave, SW Wyoming, MI. Here is a link to our  brochure. 

  • Trail fee of $2 per person or $25 for a season pass
  • Ski rentals available at the clubhouse
  • Heated restrooms, snacks and beverages are also available at the clubhouse
  • For trail conditions call (616) 538.5050
  • Various interconnecting loops offer a total of 5 miles of ungroomed trails
  • Portable restroom available at the north parking lot off Honey Creek Ave
  • Parking lot is ungated and plowed on weekdays
  • Ungroomed trails totaling more than 4 miles
  • Main loop around the lake is nearly 2 miles long
  • Parking area is plowed on weekdays and offers a portable restroom
  • Nearly 18 miles of trails in several loops
  • Extensive natural areas with mostly flat terrain. Some groomed for skiing when weather permits.
  • Trailheads at Butterworth/O'Brien intersection, and on the east side of Maynard Ave are plowed on weekdays
  • No restrooms November - April
  • 263 acre park with 1½ miles of frontage on the Grand River
  • Trail system is ungroomed and features several loops through lowlands and along the river
  • Parking lot is open but not regularly plowed - no restrooms November - April
  • Single ungroomed loop with a connector trail to the parking provides a total trail length of 1 mile start to finish
  • Heavily wooded rolling hills
  • Ungated parking lot is not plowed and no restrooms Nov - April
  • Nearly 10 miles of ungroomed trails in six connected loops of varying difficulties
  • Mostly wooded terrain with stream valley
  • Ungated parking lot off 10 Mile Rd is plowed on weekdays
  • Portable restroom is available
  • Trails are open to biking in the winter
  • 46 acre park with mature pine stands
  • Several interconnected loops of ungroomed trails with mostly moderate slopes
  • Parking lot is open but not regularly plowed
  • Portable restroom is available
  • Ungroomed trail with 1 mile long loop and a ¼ mile connecting trail to the White Pine trialhead for a total trip out and back trip of 1.5 miles
  • Trail features woods, wetlands and frontage on the Rogue River
  • Parking area at White Pine State Trail trailhead off Belmont is plowed on weekdays
  • No restrooms November - April
  • Almost 1 mile of ungroomed trail in a single loop through a mature pine stand
  • Parking on the north side of Six Mile Rd NE
  • No restrooms available Nov - April
  • Various loops are possible from the parking lot ranging from ½ mile to 4.3 miles
  • Trail is ungroomed and many segments are open to mountain bikes in the winter
  • Parking area is generally plowed on weekdays
  • No restrooms available Nov - April
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