Group Reservations

Wabasis Lake Picnic Areas

Picnic Area Rentals

$60 per day

Each of our picnic areas comes with sixteen 8-foot tables arranged in four rows of four. There is a small grill located near each picnic section. Neither area has access to running water or electricity. Each can accommodate 120 guests.

Picnic Area B1

This Picnic Area is located in a valley and shaded by mature oak trees. The parking lot and bathroom are located about 100 yards to the east up a moderately steep hill. Getting to the Picnic Area may be difficult for some guests. The restroom has ADA compliant stalls as well as additional facilities for both men and ladies. There is also a cold water sink on each side. There is no playground near the B1 area. A short walk up the “B” hill gives a nice lake view, but there is no lake access from this picnic area.

Picnic Area C1

This Area is located in a sunny corner of the “C” field. The picnic section is very closely situated to the parking lot. Though there is no walkway, the terrain is level and grassy. The nearest restroom is the “C” facility located about 400 feet to the east. This building has one ADA compliant stall on each side with one additional stall in the ladies and one urinal in the men’s. There is a cold water sink on each side. The “C” playground is within 100 yards and there are also a basketball court and softball field nearby.

120 guests
Small Grill

Other Rental Facilities at This Park

Open Shelter

150 guests
Double Charcoal Grill
Water & Electric

Enclosed Shelter

150 guests
Full Kitchen
Water & Electric
Accessible Restrooms
Folding Tables