Group Reservations

Wabasis Lake Park Open Shelter

Open Shelter

$150 per day

The Open Shelter is nestled against the tree line at the back of our “C” field. Near the shelter some shade trees have been planted, though they are not yet mature. The Open Shelter is approximately 30’ x 50’ in dimension and comes with 18-eight foot picnic tables. This shelter has a capacity of 150 guests. There is electric service to the open shelter. There is a water spigot and large, charcoal grill located directly behind the shelter.

The nearest restroom facilities are the C bathrooms, located about 50 yards to the south. Each bathroom has an ADA compliant stall. The ladies has another stall and the men’s has a urinal. There are cold water sinks available in each. The C playground is also located near the shelter. The parking lot is about 200 feet from the shelter. There is no walking path from the parking lot to the shelter, but the terrain is grassy and level. Additionally, there are a basketball court and softball field nearby.

150 guests
Large Grill
Water Spigot & Electric

Other Rental Facilities at This Park

Picnic Areas

120 guests
Small Grill
Restrooms Nearby


Enclosed Shelter

150 guests
Full Kitchen
Water & Electric
Accessible Restrooms
Folding Tables