Group Reservations

Townsend Park Historic Open Shelter

Fieldstone Open Shelter Rentals

$150 per day

Built in 1926 of fieldstone, the open shelter is surrounded by an area of native wildflowers and a large concrete patio. There is an accessible walkway from the parking area. The maximum headcount for groups that have only rented the open shelter is 80.

There are ten 8-foot picnic tables located in the shelter with an additional two tables on the patio. There are also two serving tables affixed to the patio. Shelter furniture must remain inside the shelter.

There is electric service to the shelter but it is limited. You may want to consider a caterer rather than using multiple crock-pots or roasters that will overload the circuit. There is a water spigot behind the patio.

The closest restroom is located at the enclosed shelter. Due to the distance, you may want to consider renting a portable bathroom. Please contact the park manager to discuss delivery and placement.

If you are planning on paying the fee for use of a commercial grill or pig roast, please contact the Park Manager to discuss placement of these items.

Your rental only includes the shelter itself and the area immediately surrounding the shelter. If you wanted to use any other area of the park for your event you will have to rent that area additionally. If you have a group larger than 80 people, you’ll have to rent an additional area to ensure sufficient parking. Playgrounds and restrooms are not reservable and are open to the public during your rental. Call the park manager with any questions about the best option for your group.

80 guests
Historic Building
Double Charcoal Grill

Other Rental Facilities at this Park

Picnic Areas

125 guests
Single Charcoal Grill
Restrooms Nearby


Enclosed Shelter

125 guests
Full Kitchen
Water & Electric
Picnic Tables