Group Reservations

Long Lake Park Open Shelter

Open Shelter Rentals

$150 per day
The Open Shelter is located in a partially shaded area on the west side of Long Lake. The Open Shelter is approximately 30’ x 50’ in dimension and comes with 15 eight-foot picnic tables. This shelter has a capacity of 120 guests. There is electric service to the open shelter. There is a water spigot and large, charcoal grill located next to the shelter.

The nearest restroom facilities are the D bathrooms, located about 100ft to the south. Each restroom has one barrier-free stall in addition to other facilities. There are cold water sinks available in each. The D playground is located near the shelter. The parking lot is about 200 feet from the shelter. There is a paved walking path from the parking lot to the shel-ter.

Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.
To check availability and reserve a facility, use our convenient and secure online reservation system OR call (616) 632-PARK during regular business hours.

120 guests
Water & Electric
Double Charcoal Grill
Restrooms Nearby

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120 guests
Single Charcoal Grill

Enclosed Shelter

130 guests
Full Kitchen
Water & Electric
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