Group Reservations

Johnson Park Picnic Areas

Picnic Area Rentals

$60 per day

Each one of the picnic areas in the park comes with twelve 8-foot picnic tables and a small charcoal grill. No picnic area has water or electric service. Each Picnic Section can accommodate up to 120 people.

“B” Picnic Areas

The “B” picnic areas are located at the south end of Johnson Park near the intersection of Butterworth and Wilson Ave. in a grove of shade trees. Picnic section B3 is closest to the parking lot, B2 is closest to the play-ground and B1 is closest to the enclosed shelter. All sections are a close walk to the playground and public bathrooms.

“C” Picnic Area

The C1 picnic area is located at the north end of Johnson Park against the tree line. This area is quite private. There is a significant walk from the parking lot, this area may not be suitable for all guests. The playground and bathrooms are each 250 feet distant from this area.

120 guests
Single Charcoal Grill
Restrooms Nearby

Other Rental Facilities at this Park

Enclosed Shelter

150 guests
Full Kitchen
Water & Electric
Picnic Tables

Open Shelter

150 guests
Double Charcoal Grill
Water & Electric