Group Reservations

Gordon Park Picnic Areas

Picnic Area Rentals

$60 per day

Each one of the picnic areas in the park comes with fifteen 8-foot picnic tables and a small charcoal grill. No picnic area has water or electric service.

Picnic Area A2

The A2 Picnic Area is located near the road adjacent to the north parking lot. It is sheltered by mature oak trees and is shaded throughout the day. To reach the nearest restroom and play area you must cross the parking area and travel a paved path to the east side of the park.

Picnic Area A3

The A3 Picnic Area is located near the parking lot and can be accessed from a paved walking trail. This area receives filtered sunlight from mature hardwoods. The area is adjacent to the restroom facilities and play area. This area is on a paved patio and is considered ADA compliant.

Picnic Area A4

The A4 Picnic Area is located near the parking lot in the southeast corner of the park. This area is shaded by a large, mature oak tree. The nearest restroom and play area is located across the parking lot on a short, paved walking trail.

Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.
To check availability and reserve a facility, use our convenient and secure online reservation system OR call (616) 632-PARK during regular business hours.

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Single Charcoal Grill