Group Reservations

Caledonia Lakeside Park Picnic Areas

Picnic Area Rentals

$60 per day

Each of our picnic areas comes with fifteen 8-foot tables arranged in three rows of five. There is a small grill located near each picnic section. Most areas have no water or electric service. There is electricity near B1. Each can accommodate 120 guests.

B Picnic Areas

The “B” picnic areas are both partially shaded. Each is located near the restrooms and parking lot. The restroom has barrier free stalls as well as additional facilities for both men and ladies. There is also a cold water sink on each side. There is a playground located between the two picnic areas.

C Picnic Areas

The “C” Picnic Areas are located near Emmons Lake.

The C1 area rests atop a hill under a large maple tree. There is a moderate lake view. The C1 Picnic Area is near the parking lot but there is a longer walk to restroom facilities and the play area.

The C2 area is on the lakeshore. There is a picturesque footbridge nearby. The picnic area is quite sunny. The walk to the picnic area is moderately steep and there is no paved path. There is a significant walk to restroom facilities and the play area from this picnic section.

Reservations can be made up to one year in advance.
To check availability and reserve a facility, use our convenient and secure online reservation system OR call (616) 632-PARK during regular business hours.

Caledonia Lakeside Park

370 N Lake St SE
Caledonia, MI 49316
120 guests
Small Grills
Restrooms Nearby

Other Rental Facilities at Caledonia Lakeside Park

Open Shelter

125 guests
Double Charcoal Grill
Water & Electric
Restrooms Nearby

Enclosed Shelter

150 person capacity
Accessible Restrooms
Full Kitchen
Charcoal Grills
Picnic Tables