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For group reservations, Caledonia Lakeside Park offers an enclosed shelter, an open picnic shelter, and two group picnic areas. The enclosed shelter includes a full kitchen, fireplace and 22 folding tables with seating for 120 people. The picnic areas and the open shelter generally accommodate up to 125 people each.

Select one of the rental options below for more information.

Picnic Areas $60/day

120 guests
Small Grill
Restrooms Nearby

Open Shelter $150/day

125 guests
Charcoal Grill
Water & Electric
Restrooms Nearby

Enclosed Shelter $325/550

Seating for 120 guests
Full Kitchen
Water & Electric
Folding Tables and Stacked Chairs
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370 N Lake St SE
Caledonia, MI 49316

Caledonia Lakeside Park

370 N Lake St SE
Caledonia, MI 49316

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