White Pine Park

This 60 acre greenspace is mostly undeveloped, offering only parking at the main entrance and a single trail through the forest. When the original 20 acres of the park were acquired in 1927, they contained one of the few remaining pure stands of white pines in the county. The park has since been managed with the goal of preserving this stand and enhancing it with plantings of new white pine seedlings.


13590 Lincoln Lake Rd
Gowen, MI 49326


May 1 – October 31
7am to Sunset
Off-Season Information


Being largely undisturbed for decades, White Pine Park offers a unique and rustic environment ready for exploration.

The main trail leading into the park is a former two-track road and is easy to follow. This trail will take you to the creek at the far border of the park. From there, you can follow the shoreline about halfway back until you reconnect with the main trail. A mature stand of native pines graces the front half of the park, and thins out to more mixed woods at the rear.

The trail is open to hiking but closed to other uses. Dogs are allowed but must be on a leash.

White Pine Park