Rogue River Park

Rogue River Park in Belmont is almost like three unique parks rolled into one. Visitors may be most familiar with the park’s role as a major trailhead for the Fred Meijer White Pine State Trail off Belmont Ave, but the park also features a ball diamond, ample fishing opportunities, and an open shelter for group events!

Park Address

6300 Belshire Ave
Belmont, MI 49306

Trailhead Address

6240 Belmont Ave
Belmont, MI 49306


May 1 – October 31
7am to Sunset
Off-Season Information

Picnics & Group Events

The open shelter at Rogue River Park is located in the recreation area at the north end of Belshire Ave NE. The shelter is near a playground and restrooms and includes a double grill and 16 tables seating up to 130 people.

Group Events

Baseball & Softball

The park’s ball diamond is in the main recreation area at 6300 Belshire Ave NE and is open for public use.


With easy access to the banks of the Rogue River, fishing is another popular activity at Rogue River Park.

Hiking Trails

The park’s hiking trails can be accessed from the White Pine Trail trailhead off Belmont Ave NE, from the main recreation area off Belshire Ave NE, or from a small parking lot at 6695 Packer Dr NE. The trails are natural-surfaced with occasional boardwalks and bridges, and are closed to bikes, motorized uses and equestrians. The trail system includes a main loop of about 1¼ miles with spurs to the parking areas ranging from about 1/8th to 1/4 mile. Most of the trails are in wooded areas with scenic views of the Rogue River for roughly 1/3rd of a mile on the main loop.


A large play structure and swings are adjacent to the park’s open picnic shelter in the main recreation area. The picnic shelter is available for reservations.

Rogue River White Pine Trailhead

The Rogue River Park trailhead for the Fred Meijer White Pine State Trail is found at 6240 Belmont Ave, Belmont, MI 49306. The trailhead includes ample parking and a seasonal restroom and has easy access to the trail. The Friends of the White Pine Trail have additional information on the White Pine State Trail on their website. A path connects the trailhead to the main recreation area of the park, which is at 6300 Belshire Ave NE. The park’s system of natural-surfaced hiking trails also connects to the White Pine trailhead, at the back of the parking area.

Rogue River Park

White Pine Trailhead at Rogue River Park