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Kent County Parks

Millennium Park

Rules and Information for Boat and Paddleboard Rentals

  • millennium paddleboats dockedPersonal flotation devices (lifejackets) must be worn by all passengers at all times.
  • Lifejackets are provided free of charge for all passengers weighing 30 pounds or more with every boat and paddleboard rental.
  • Children under 30 lbs. must have and use their own floatation device.
  • You will be responsible for paying late fees for any boats or paddleboards that are returned after your “due back” time(s).
  • All passengers must remain seated in their boat at all times.
  • Swimming from boats and paddleboards is prohibited.
  • Horseplay or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension of privileges with no reimbursement.
  • Landing and disembarking from boats and paddleboards is only permitted at the Boathouse rental area except in case of emergency.
  • Rental craft must stay 50’ away from the designated swim area.
  • No Alcoholic Beverages allowed on any boat or paddleboard.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Children between the age of 12 and 15 will be allowed to use rental craft without direct adult supervision, but a parent or guardian is responsible for renting the craft and enforcing appropriate behavior.
  • Combined passenger weight can not exceed the weight limits posted on our rental craft.
  • If the rental craft capsizes, STAY with vessel – it will still float when swamped with water.
  • If possible, upright the swamped vessel, get in and paddle to where you can stand and dump the water.