Kent County Parks
Kent County Parks

DRAFT 2019-2023 Master Plan

Under Public Review October 26 - November 26, 2018

2019-2023 master plan coverManagement and development of County's system parks and trails are driven by the Parks, Trails and Natural Areas Master Plan. Every five years, the Kent County Parks Department carefully reviews and updates this plan, guided by public input and needs as well as emerging opportunities and priorities.

Part of the process also involves proposing future land acquisitions to expand existing parks but readers should bear in mind that these are only suggestions. Land purchases are only be pursued if the land meets certain criteria, sellers express interest, the County Board of Commissioners approves, and sufficient funding is available.

The current plan expires at the end of 2018 and the Department has completed the draft of a new plan to cover 2019 to 2023. This draft plan is now undergoing public review and comment and is available online through the links below. Due to size, the plan has been divided into Sections. Each Section may be viewed by clicking on each Section heading. A few Sections are long or graphic-intensive and may take some time to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection. If you prefer to download the entire plan in one 75 MB document, you can use this link.

We encourage you to share your thoughts about the plan by November 26, using our online Master Plan Comment form.

Submit CommentsKent County Parks strives to provide outstanding parks and trails today, while preparing for the needs of generations to come. Your valuable input will help us ensure our new plan helps us hit this mark!
 Section 1  (6 MB, pages 1-24)
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Community Description
Administrative Structure
 Section 2  (11 MB, pages 25-50)
Recreation Inventory
Parks and Greenspaces (A-C)
 Section 3  (10 MB, pages 51-69)
Parks and Greenspaces (D-G)
 Section 4  (10 MB, pages 70-87)
Parks and Greenspaces (J-L)
 Section 5  (10 MB, pages 88-108)
Parks and Greenspaces (M-P)
 Section 6  (11 MB, pages 109-125)
Parks and Greenspaces (R-T)
 Section 7  (10 MB, pages 126-156)
Parks and Greenspaces (W)
Connector Trails and Extended Hiking Trail
 Section 8  (10 MB, pages 157-250)
Recreational Boating Facilities
Recreational Land and Trails Managed by Other Public Entities
Kent County Parks Dept. Recreation Programs
Planning and Public Input Process
Recreation Needs Assessment
 Section 9  (7 MB, pages 251-298)
Special Initiatives
Goals and Objectives
Action Program
Appendix A: Consolidated Grant Inventory
Appendix B: Needs Assessment Survey