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Volunteer Forms & Documents

  • Waiver Form for Organizations (pdf)
    Organizations may complete this waiver form accepting liability for all their participants instead of having each individual complete a separate form.
  • Waiver Form for Minors (pdf)
    If a minor is volunteering for Kent County Parks, a responsible adult must complete and submit this waiver form on behalf of him or her.
  • Waiver Form for Adults (pdf)
    Adults volunteering for Kent County Parks must complete and submit this waiver form.
  • Volunteer Record of Hours Worked (pdf)
    By recording your volunteer hours, you help us demonstrate the impact of volunteers in our parks and along our trails. We use these statistics to justify funding for volunteer programs and when we seek grants and sponsorships for volunteer projects. Please help us do more by recording and submitting your hours!
  • Volunteer Handbook (pdf)
    Helpful information, guidelines and policies for Kent County Parks volunteers.
  • Safety Guidelines for Volunteers (pdf)
    Please be sure to review these important safety guidelines before you volunteer with Kent County Parks to help ensure your experience is safe and enjoyable!