Volunteer Services

Invasive Species Control

Volunteers are needed to assist in habitat preservation by removing invasive species that threaten native environments. Invasive plants, vines and shrubs can out-compete, displace and choke out other vegetation, including trees. Volunteers will learn how to identify these plants and can make a significant impact by properly removing them from natural areas.

Projects may include pulling and bagging Garlic Mustard or Purple Loosestrife; stump cutting and daubing Autumn Olive or Buckthorn; or cutting and daubing Oriental Bittersweet. Garlic Mustard pulls are a great stewardship project for volunteers of all ages!

Volunteers must be 18 or older for projects involving daubing. No experience is necessary and training, tools and supplies are provided. Invasive control help is needed year round!

Special Event • April – June

Garlic Mustard Challenge!

The Garlic Mustard Challenge is an annual activity in which The Stewardship Network encourages people throughout the Great Lakes region to protect their local, native ecosystems by pulling and bagging this invasive plant.  This is an invasive species removal competition and provides volunteers with the opportunity to have a positive impact on the environments of Kent County Parks.  Multiple dates are scheduled each year at various County Park sites. Volunteer Services staff will also provide support and supplies to self-managed individuals or groups – or will work with group organizers to develop a pull date for your organization!

Special Event • First Saturday in October

Invasive Woody Species Control Project

Each October volunteers work together to remove Autumn Olive, Buckthorn or other woody invasive species from a specified, high priority County Park site. Control methods include hand pulling seedlings, stump cutting, trimming and daubing. This is a high impact project that helps protect the natural habitats of Kent County Parks. Volunteers must be 18 or older.