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Changes in Store for Wahlfield Park

Changes in Store!

There are big changes coming to Wahlfield Park. Some of these include trail upgrades, new entry and facilities, a new area for events, and the first off leash dog area in the Kent County Parks department!

Development Plan

Making a Plan

Last year the Kent County Parks Department embarked on a journey to create a master plan for development of Wahlfield Park. The Parks Department enlisted the help of Viridis Design Group as a consultant to facilitate the process.

Together the Parks Department and Viridis held a series of input sessions, online surveys, and conversations with park staff and stakeholders to gather ideas and solicit feedback on conceptual plans for the park. The Consultant met with local municipal leaders, the Kent County Board of Commissioners, non-profit groups, the Kent County Parks Foundation, and other local stakeholders. The public was invited to attend an input session on July 25th to provide ideas and suggestions, as well as given the opportunity to participate in an online survey to share their thoughts.

Based on the priorities of our stakeholders, the consultant completed conceptual master plans for public feedback focusing on the “High” and “Medium” priority items. These plans were presented at an Open House on September 23rd. After the open house, the consultant compiled all comments and feedback into a singular, comprehensive master plan that will guide the future development of the space.

Now that the Master Plan is complete the Parks Department is looking for ways to bring this plan to fruition. Be on the lookout for ways to contribute to the development of Wahlfield Park through upcoming fundraising and volunteer opportunities!

The information we gathered from all of these groups was the basis for developing a master plan. Here is a list of our priorities as we move forward with development:

Plan Priorities




No Priority

Expanded and Improved Mountain Bike Trails 3-Season Rental Space Cross Country Skiing Sports fields
Expanded and Improved Nature Trails Historic & Ecological Interpretation Splashpad  
Habitat Restoration Additional Picnic Shelters Programming  
Accessible Parking and Trails Boardwalks/Overlooks/Observation Decks Equestrian Trails  
Off-Leash Dog Area Playground Improvements/Expansion    
Creek Access