Master Plan

Management and development of County’s system parks and trails are driven by the Parks, Trails and Natural Areas Master Plan. Every five years, the Kent County Parks Department carefully reviews and updates this plan, guided by public input and needs as well as emerging opportunities and priorities.

Part of the process also involves proposing future land acquisitions to expand existing parks but readers should bear in mind that these are only suggestions. Land purchases are only pursued if the land meets certain criteria, sellers express interest, the County Board of Commissioners approves, and sufficient funding is available.

Our current five-year plan, presented here, covers 2019 to 2023. This plan has been guided by public surveys and review and a desire to provide the best services and facilities possible to the citizens of Kent County.

Section 1

Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Community Description
Administrative Structure
Recreation Inventory

Section 2

Parks and Greenspaces (12 Mile Conservation Area -to- Dutton Shadyside Park)

Section 3

Parks and Greenspaces (Dwight Lydell Park -to- Luton Park)

Section 4

Parks and Greenspaces (Millennium Park -to- Townsend Park)

Section 5

Parks and Greenspaces (Two Rivers Park -to- White Pine Park)
Connector Trails and Extended Hiking Trail
Recreational Boating Facilities
Recreational Land and Trails Managed by Other Public Entities
Kent County Parks Dept. Recreation Programs

Section 6

Planning and Public Input Process
Recreation Needs Assessment
Special Initiatives

Section 7

Goals and Objectives
Action Program
Appendix A: Consolidated Grant Inventory
Appendix B: Needs Assessment Survey
Appendix C: Notices of Public Comment Period
Appendix D: Public Meeting and Adoption
Appendix E: Letters of Transmittal
Appendix F: Plan Certification Checklist