Kent County Parks
Kent County Parks
  • snowy day on a road through the woods
  • sledding at Johnson Park
  • winter - skiiing at Palmer Park
  • Winter - Lepard Preserve
  • winter_millennium_hansen_boardwalk
  • winter - Seidman Park
  • winter - future Two Rivers Park

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Skiing at Palmer Park/Kaufman Golf Course
Cross country skiing at Palmer/Kaufman Golf Course is CLOSED due to poor trail conditions.
Dwight Lydell Construction Information

Construction at Dwight Lydell is still ongoing. Please note that the park is closed to all users at this time. For more info on the construction at Dwight Lydell Park, click here

Off-Season Information
Our parks are officially closed October 31st, but there are still many options for visiting our parks. 
"Hibernation" Info